A Timeline of Moving Across the World and Collecting a New Home

Me: Hi, my name is Sigal and I collect homes.

Everyone: Hi, Sigal! 

Me: Since I was 11 years old, I have been collecting homes as I moved around. Collecting them made them mine, and making then mine meant that I was going to be okay. Call it a coping mechanism, 'mkay? 

Let's see, we've got... 

Tel Aviv, IL | Cooper City, FL  | New York, NY  

(and the newly added) San Diego, CA

*pause for audience reaction*


To be completely real, I would NEVER live in either Florida or New York again. The weather sucks, the people are too clicky and most importantly - I'm not the same person I was when I lived there. That being said, I left a piece of my heart in every single one of those places, with the good and the bad, they were my homes. The experiences I had in each place made me who I am today, and while updating my zip code back to 33025 or 10025 isn't an option, they will always be a part of me. 

This past September, I added a new zip code to my repertoire - 92102, AKA San Diego, California. 

While I moved to San Diego in September 2017, the seed of relocation was planted in my mind a full year earlier, when I visited California for the very first time... 

*insert wavy tv flashback effect here*

August 2016. I was on a month-long post-college graduation trip in the US, visiting family and taking a much needed break from life. My last stop on the tour was San Diego. Here is sunny SoCal, I had family and one very dear friend. Honestly, I didn't see all that much of San Diego in the week that I was here, but I felt very comfortable immediately and knew that it was a place I could see myself living in. 


January 2017. I booked another trip to the US for my best friend's wedding in Denver, Colorado. I didn't get to Cali on this trip, but it was on this trip that I officially decided to move to the US - location pending. 

June 2017. I got back from my May trip to New York and Colorado and started researching possible cities to move to - date pending this time. I considered San Francisco, New York, even Denver, but at the end of the day I could only picture myself living in one place - San Diego.  It was then that I decided on a date - September 2017. The timing was perfect as I was coming up on one year at my job at the time, and I had nothing tying me to Tel Aviv permanently. 

It was in June that I started researching everything I could about San Diego - job market, housing, cost of living, car, and social scene. Once I was sure that SD was for me and that September was when I was going to move, I started reaching out to people living in San Diego, to pick their brain about life in Sunny SoCal.


Spoiler alert - 100% of the people loved SD and thought it was the best place on earth.

I got some invaluable advice from my family, friends, and people that I miraculously managed to connect with over Facebook who ended up being the greatest networking I could have imagined. 

July 2017. I was lucky enough to have been connected professionally with the individual who is now my boss through the aforementioned networking - so a job was secured prior to departure - #WIN. I got my plane ticket, gave notice at work, told the digital sphere and everyone I knew of my plans, and packed up my apartment. 

The July 2017 part sounds a whole lot easier than it was. Moving was a giant pain in the ass, but worth it (read about mastering international relocations here). 

September 2017. I lived with my mother for three perilous weeks before going on the 20-hour journey from Tel Aviv to San Diego. 

I probably should have written this post before my last one (The Trials and Tribulations of Furnishing a Place From Scratch) but I didn't think it through and wrote it this way instead. My OCD will kick me later. 

As of October 2017, I can say that I feel like I made the right move (pun intended). It's going to take me a long time before I feel completely at home here, but things are moving in that direction. I can even get to and from work without the GPS now! 

*See that building in the photo at the top? That's my actual apartment building!