A Curvy Girl's Guide to Pulling it Off

My momma always said - 'if you got it, flaunt it!'. Well, mom, you were half right. 

I'll start by thanking some pretty revolutionary women who made curvy girls everywhere embrace their curves more. You're not gonna like this, or maybe you will, but I want to thank Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Adele, and Lena Dunham for their bodies. While Kim K and Queen B work their ass off to look the way they do, Adele and Lena are unapologetically themselves. What these women all have in common is that they have a little junk in the trunk (or in Kim's case - a whole lot), full cup sizes and imperfections that are just there (despite trying to hide them on occasion). Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, as soon as she shot to fame, the concept of what was attractive began to change.  

I have never been a thin girl. I have also never considered myself fat, either. I have been called 'sexy' (which I used to consider as another word for chubby) and curvy. For the better part of my life I didn't have a good relationship with my body. The older I get the more in tune I become with who I am, especially physically. A big part of keeping my mind positive about my body has to do with a combination of (mostly) healthy eating, sleeping, meditating, and style. I like to think that I dress in a way that compliments what I do have to offer and hides what I'm not the biggest fan of. 

I don't follow trends when it comes to clothes.

Shoes, on the other hand, are not safe from this statement. I don't have the body type that can work a crop top. I don't have the bust size that I can walk around in an open-backed dress without feeling very uncomfortable. What I do have is arms, legs, shoulders and chest that I'm super chill about showing off - this is the part of my momma's saying that I proudly abide by! 

When I shop, which usually happens at big name shops like Zara and H&M, and smaller boutiques that have brands like Z Supply, Levis, and Holly, to name a few, I make sure to buy the pieces that sit the best on me, whether or not they are trendy right now or not. When you combine big name shops with the more unique boutiques you won't find every other girl on the street wearing the same dress and are also more likely to find pieces that work for you - I know it works for me. 

My closet is 97% color free.

You will find that most of my clothes are black, grey, or white. I can count on two hands the pieces that have any other bit of color in them. In addition to being my personal preference, from what I've seen on myself and others, black and white really do sit nicely on everyone. I love color as well, just on occasion, or if I'm feeling particularly bold in my fashion choices that day. 

Number one rule: always be comfortable. 

Whether that be in a bodycon dress or T-shirt and jeans, make sure that the fit of your clothing works for you. I love baggy shirts and shorts, or baggy dresses that flow and don't stick to me - especially in the Tel Aviv summer where the last thing you want is some unbreathable material sticking to your leg. The fabric is also a major player in the comfort game. If it don't breathe then I'm not wearing it. I stick to cotton or cotton blends for my day to day. 

Layers, baby! 

Whether it's summer or winter, I always layer. In the summer I take a flannel shirts and wrap it around my waist when I'm wearing denim shorts and a T-shirt (literally what I'm wearing right this second), and in the winter I layer two different length shirts, add a jacket and a scarf and call it a day. Layering gives me the practical edge of being able to take off or put on a piece of clothing depending on my body temperature, but also the esthetic element of hiding anything I am uncomfortable with. 

Best for last: You're going to get some negative vibes from the world no matter what. The concept of what is beautiful and attractive is shifting all the time. Do yourself a favor and don't listen to any bad thought that comes your way because you don't fit the mold. 

 There's only one of you, and that kind of exclusivity is hot.