A Tale of Organization and Productivity

I am hella good at organizing. I am. This isn't what I want to do with my life but man do I love organizing. It makes me productive, and productivity soothes my soul. Honestly, there is little more comforting to me than a stunning to-do list, a tidy home, organized office space and lined up books. 

I know I sound bananas but it really makes me feel good to see things going smoothly because I planned them out well, and if something hits a road bump then I try to find another way to make it work. 

So what does this have to do with you? Well, whether it works for everyone or just me, I wanted to let you know what I do to make my life work as smooth as creamy peanut butter on warm toast. Great, now I'm hungry. 

Anyway, I'm not saying my life is easy. Hell no. But what I am saying is that I know how to create a path towards simplicity from the hot mess that is my life.


I am a list-maker. I admit it, I am! I am traveling soon and as a result I have a list for what I plan on buying on my trip and what I am packing for it. I need a checklist for EVERYTHING. I have one for my groceries, for appointments I need to make, and for people I need to follow up with. I just love checking off things. It's such a release. 


I schedule everything too. Even little things. I think I may be slightly insane but it helps me figure out my life when I have it literally laid out in front of my eyes. The way I keep myself from getting overwhelmed with work commitments and personal ones is by writing them all in. If I have a deadline at work where I need to submit a certain number of, lets say, articles by a certain day, then I will block several slots in my schedule to make sure everything gets done in time. Time-management people!  

I NEED to organize it in order to keep myself in check and make sure I am on top of things. I am also the opposite of a procrastinator so I guess I have that working for me too. 


Honestly this is the last one I got to on my journey for organizing my life. It took me two failed attempts to come up with a system that worked for me and my wallet. I created a Google spreadsheet with every single income and expense throughout the month. I get paid once a month so its makes the sheet much simpler than if I were being paid weekly or bi-monthly. 

So it looks like what I posted up here. Just filled with everything I spend my money on. I wanted to be realistic and make it tailored to me as much as possible (there was no way I was cutting out manicures and drinks with friends). 

The other big thing I did in terms of money is only use cash or debit card to maintain total control over my finances. I feel like my mid-20s was a good time to get my shit together. Don't you?