Adulting Series: Home Office

My home office. I used to use it for writing seminar papers, and now use it for actual work-from-home situations. When did that happen? When did I grow up?


Just last night as I was lying in bed (obviously looking through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so my OCD filled mind could rest easy that I am missing nothing), and I came across a brilliant article on @manrepeller. It was all about growing up. Being 26 years old and starting my career as a content writer (which totally found me, but that's for a different day), I am baffled by the fact that I am post-college, single, employed and juggling responsibilities without massive failure. 

Don't think of the above statement as something negative, I mean it in a (mostly) positive light. The 'mostly' part comes in when I think of the fact that I am an adult and a majority, if not all, of my youth is behind me - am I exaggerating? Well, I am 26 and tend to be dramatic so... maybe.  

But here's the thing, today is the first day back for university students here. This is the first year they all go back and I don't. Not gonna lie, it feels pretty great knowing I am done with stressful exam periods and jumping around from class to class, only to spend the hours on social media sites and texting with friends elsewhere. Not to mention the fact that I can now say I am a college graduate and am working in my field (like woah) is SUPER satisfying. 

All in all I am pretty conflicted about the way life is flowing right now. I'm feeling the growing pains. That being said, I know everything will be fine and that through the power of gin and tonic, I shall prevail!