​Home Decor Obsession Session

In the essence of full disclosure, I have to state that I would rather spend all of my money at home decor shops than on clothing. Seriously - just take my money! 


Being a homebody such as myself, having an apartment I am happy to go back to, host in, and take an array of Instagram shots of, makes me happier than it should. When my friends invite me to come out, I sometimes lie and say I'm busy so that I can stay home and watch a movie/read a book/cook/anything but go out (shut up - you know you do it too!). It's not that I don't like to go out, I do, but a. I'm on a budget, b. my apartment is awesome, and c. there's only so many times I can go out and experience all that the Tel Aviv nightlife has to offer (OHHH more on that in another post). 

This is the first apartment I have designed from square (meter) one. It was just me and my suitcases when I moved in. The major pieces of furniture are mostly from IKEA, while the couch (super durable - ask my dog, Stella - grey tweed perfection) is from Groupon (seriously, check the site out every once in a while - they have some good bargains).  I made sure to get pieces that were neutral colors so as not to get sick of them too quickly; I mean, a red couch is glorious, until you want to gouge your eyes out. 

Anyway, I learned  a lot about my taste while I was picking out furniture, decorative accents, sheets, yada yada yada. Over the last 2 and a half years I have collected unique pieces to go with the more mundane, this is where my personality (and my love for home decor shops) really flourished. More recently I got my hands on old photographs my grandfather took while exercising his hobby as an amateur photographer. I loved his eye for shadows and lines and how he made something boring, absolutely stunning.

I also like to get a piece of original art - calm down they're all sketches by street artists or small shops - from every place I travel to. So far I only have three, and two have yet to even be framed, but I like to take something back with me from my travels that isn't just clothing (there's only so much Zara a girl can buy).    

I go to my top fave design shops just for kicks sometimes, it's so relaxing for me to walk around these stores, imagining a certain piece in one spot or another in my place. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I window shop; either way I am blissed out while doing so. 

Here are some of my favorite affordable (if I can afford them, you can too - trust) design shops in Tel Aviv:

Fox Home

I am especially fond of anything I can use as storage (glass jars, baskets), anything that smells good (scented candles for lifeeee!), wood and metal combos, comfy fabrics (tv blankets), and all the oversize pillows the world has to offer. 

Don't worry, I do buy clothes every now and then, but my truly favorite thing is buying stuff for my house.