Stark Family Values

 Family. Let's discuss.

As the photo above indicates, I belong to a totally insane, hilarious, and all together epic family. I have become (although I should have always known, tisk tisk) acutely aware of how blessed I am to have such a tight knit family.

Why is that, you ask? 

I have come to the rather shocking realization that a certain number of my friends, a disturbing number of them actually, come from extremely complicated family situations. The more I talk to them about parents, siblings, and extended family, the deeper I delve into their complex web of familial chaos. 

On the total other end of the spectrum seems to lie my family. I grew up in an almost 'boring' home. My parents never fought, my siblings and I had the classic sibling rivalry down pat, and apart from my parents eventual divorce, which didn't come from lack of love but a more 'colorful' situation (also for another post), there was no family drama in the Stark household. 

My parents are my best friends. Seriously. I talk to them every single day (judge me #sorrynotsorry) and when I need them they are always there for me, telling me what I need to hear, rather than what I may want to. They never pick a fight with me or put me down.

I was so sad to learn that it's not like that for everyone. Call me naive but I wasn't exposed to family drama before one friend opened up to me about it, and then another and another; it felt like an epidemic. Pardon my french, but WTF is up with that? I am fully aware that these issues exist and that I don't live in a world that's all sunshine and puppies, but for whatever reason it never got to me before. 

But wait! There's a happy conclusion to all of this: 

Family isn't just your blood, but those who enter your life and become your family. Those same friends who have issues with their respective families have created their own unique family unit through friendships. I am beyond proud to be a part of several and completely agree with the notion that family isn't only the one you are born into, but the one you choose to create for yourself. 

Here's to family!