27 Promises to Myself on my 27th Birthday

I'll be turning 27 on July 20th. 

This year, instead of thinking about everything I haven't managed to do yet, I'm going to make myself 27 promises of things I WILL do this year. 

1. I will manage my stress better (acknowledge it for start)

2. I will read one book a month (let's be realistic, one a week isn't going to happen)

3. I will meditate at least 3 times a week (it should be every morning but... baby steps)

4. I will think kind thoughts when I look in the mirror

5. I will eat more fruits and vegetables 

6. I won't let fear of failure stop me from making a move

7. I will publish a blog post at least once a month

8. I will come to terms with my natural hair (it's finally growing out enough for me to make good on this one)

9. I will grow my network every day (Twitter, LinkedIn and Insta, baby!) 

10. I will go to more career-oriented events - professional growth, yo! 

11. I will drink more water 

12. I will continue to believe that I'll find the one I'm meant to be with

13. I will stay close with my friends no matter where this year takes me 

14. I will try to be more patient with my mother's lack of technological prowess 

15. I will get out of the month-to-month financial situation

16. I will wear my reading glasses more (although I hate them)

17. I will take Stella on longer walks (and walk myself around the city while I'm at it)

18. I will think positively - when a negative thought comes on, I will consciously push it aside 

19. I won't sweat the small stuff (whatever they may be)

20. I will tell my parents how much I love them more often 

21. I will practice what I preach (on social media and in person!)

22. I will disconnect from tech when I feel overwhelmed 

23. I will let go of the past (AKA the things I cannot change)

24. I will learn to wear makeup better! Hey there, YouTube tutorials! 

25. I will advertise my blog in a stronger way (any advice there, guys?)

26. I will lease or own my own car for the first time in my life! 

27. I will love myself and everything I have to offer the world - there is only ONE of me