Survival Guide: Summer in Tel Aviv

Other than being an incredibly underrated, magical and delicious place, Tel Aviv is hot as hell in the summer. Unlike the southern areas of Israel, Tel Aviv and every other coastal city north of it are super humid.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate humidity - my hair just can't take it - and I constantly have tissues in my bag to wipe the sweat off my face (no joke I've been named 'napkin girl'). Whatever. 

When it comes to surviving the Tel Aviv summer there are a few things I'm always packin' - 

1. Take water with you everywhere. I have a bottle in my bag at all times, even when I'm on my way to work. Just standing at the bus stop waiting for the damn bus to come is enough for me to get dehydrated. 

2. Dress in light weight clothing. Cotton, linen and blends - breathable is the way to go! My summer uniform is all about dresses, shorts, t-shirts and, well, anything but long pants that turn into second skins. 

3. Sunscreen. If you're going to the beach or pool, WEAR SUN SCREEN! Even if you're looking to tan. Tanned, in fact, happens to be one of my favorite looks for the summer and I do have a tendency to lay out like a rotisserie chicken, but always with sun screen! Israel gets some seriously strong rays, so don't play. 

4. Mini refreshment kit. If you have ever been in Israel in the summer you will know that the number one complaint from those living and visiting is that people don't seem to understand the concept of deodorant on public transit (or at all). Hey - it's true. Therefore (despite the fact that I have been blessed with good non-smelling genes, there are always times of need) I carry a mini refreshment kit I made for myself. It contains: 

  • Tissues - as I said, I'm a face sweater and need to use these more than I care to admit.
  • Deodorant - just in case, you never know (I prefer spray deodorants like this Dove one).
  • Water bottle - again, as I mentioned earlier, hydration is sexy.  
  • Chapstick - between the dehydration and the beating sun, my lips need constant SPF chapstick on them (I use this Neutrogena one).   
  • Makeup - I never put makeup before I get to the office, I'd sweat if off before I got there, so I bring it with me and do it there (if at all). If you're going to an event and know you're going to be outside when it's hot, bring a touch up version of this kit with you. 

Although Tel Aviv is hot as hell, and always seems even hotter around my summer birthday, the Tel Aviv summer is unlike any other I've experienced anywhere else (so far). We have rooftop bars that overlook the city and the Mediterranean Sea, street parties with chill beer, and cafés with delicious cold brew coffee.