Confessions of a Part-Time Foodie

The world seems to be entirely consumed with all things food. I have zero issues with that because, hey, I love to eat! I love to cook and bake and create dishes that make my guests oooh and aaah over my culinary abilities. BUT I also like hot dogs and baked beans. Oh and frozen pizza. OH OH and having ice cream for dinner. A. Because I can, and B. Because I'm tired and don't have the energy to actually cook something. 


When I say I'm a part-time foodie, I mean that I love going out to eat and snapping photos of my dishes, I like to try new places and flavors, I think about what my next meal will be while I'm still consuming the previous one, and I love to cook and bake at home SO MUCH. That's one part. The other part of me loves really terrible-for-you food that is pre-made and is ready in less than 10 minutes. What can I say, at times I have an issue with delayed gratification. 


The times when I cook and the times when I pull something out of the freezer or order in, depend on the rest of my life. If I'm hosting someone, or multiple someones, I will obviously cook. There is no chance of sharing my affinity for a pour-in ramen noodle cup with a guest in my home. That's just embarrassing. But if I'm alone, had a long day and come home from work and there is nothing already made from a previous day that only takes 3 minutes to heat up in the microwave, then noodle cup it is! 

Any devout foodie will read this and call it blasphemy, but I challenge that person to be on it ALL THE TIME. How do you do it? How do you find the energy/money to eat freshly prepped food every single day of your life. This is a real question by the way, if there's a way then I'd love to hear it. In the mean time, my well balanced diet of home made whole food, and pre-made frozen food/takeout is going to continue just as it has successfully sustained me for the last ten years. 


Just to clarify - so that I don't get lectured by my mother who may or may not be reading this - I eat freshly prepped, whole food 80% of the time, whether it is made by me, a friend, or a lovely cook at one of the many restaurants I frequent. This is why I call myself a part-time foodie - that 20% of the time that I just can't be bothered.