Moving Day Feels

I'm moving to San Diego tonight.

I am actually doing it. I'm getting on a plane from Tel Aviv, stopping in New York for a couple hours, and then getting on another one to San Diego. I needed to write this down to process it. 

I have all the feels. 

What are the feels, you ask? 







See what I mean by all of them? They even contradict one another. Go figure. 

One of the hardest things I did today was part from my sweet little fur baby, Stella, who will be staying with my mom in my home town until I get settled in San Diego and have an apartment all ready for her royal highness to come to. Stella is 8 years old next week (September 23rd!) and I got her when she was three months old. I have never been apart from her for more than a month. 


I lost it. 

Tonight, I will be parting from my parents, both of whom live in Israel. I have never lived in a place without at least one of them. This makes me incredibly nervous, but I also know that at 27 years old, it's about damn time. 

A few years ago I moved to New York City, expecting it to be the best thing in the world. I made it out to be a place that would make all of my dreams come true. It did not. New York City blew up in my face so bad that this time around I have zero expectations. I have literally no idea what to expect from the life I am about to build in San Diego. This is good, though, as having no expectations means I won't be disappointed. 

I guess I will have to get there and see where life takes me. I have a job and I have a car, now I need to find a place to live and some friends. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! *extreme sarcasm*. Seriously now, I'm not worried about my social life, I can deal with that part, I just want life to be awesome and happy.

This is me, pursuing happiness.