Book Club: October

Book club culture is back from the 90s ya’ll!

I love to read, and so do some other people I know. Naturally, the concept of bringing back book club from our mom’s past came up. There’s something so fulfilling about meeting up once a month to discuss a book you all decided on, with an added helping of gossip and a rotating theme of drinks and eats.

Welcome to the very first month of book club, you book worm you! 

This month’s book club read is:

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The reason we chose this book for the first book club was because it’s all about inspiration. We were looking at books that would empower us. The girl boss culture is all the rage these days, but hard work, positivity, and self-expression have always been hot.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic discusses the topic of creativity in a more personified manner (literally as if inspiration and ideas are a living, breathing entity). The writing is clear and breezy, she’s funny, and her words stick with you throughout the day like she is inspiration itself.

I grew up with a mom who devoured books by the day and would press upon me the importance of reading and exposing myself to new cultures, lives, worlds, and situations all divulged in the pages of books. My mom, being a grammar junky, also wanted us to read so as to make sure we have a vocabulary to boot. Sorry for the extra vowels and capitalization for annunciation in my writing momma! 

Any way you slice it, reading opens up a whole new level of thinking and processing that you would otherwise not get. A book is an exercise in imagination and that’s my favorite part. To me, a novel is a movie in my head. I have the luxury of making up what the characters look like, and live as though I’m the one speaking. If the book is more on the subject of self-exploration, or is autobiographical, I read it and learn. My imagination sits on my shoulder with me and soaks all that knowledge up. 

On that note...  

Let me know if you also partake in a book club or if you have a book to recommend!