Body Positive Bloggers to Follow

Whether you’re a size 2, 8, or 14, keeping a positive and healthy attitude about your size is vital.

The digital sphere, specifically the media we follow (whether directly of inadvertently), is filled with beautiful people doing adventurous things without a care in the world. On Instagram, Instagoggles are a real and unfortunate thing, resulting in making us feel as though our bodies and lives are not good enough. I’ve fallen victim to this pattern of thinking myself, specifically when it comes to my body image.

My own Instagram is filled with images of my life, in the most flattering light, of course. I follow many individuals, brands, and blogs that either inspire me, comfort me, or teach me. The “danger” with Instagram, and other social media platforms, is that you run the risk of surrounding yourself with unrealistic perceptions of beauty. Well, you do. Whether you know it or not.

It was when I realized that I was doing just that, that I set out to follow body positive bloggers who are “real” (read: accepting, positive, inclusive) about beauty, in all its forms. I wanted to see more posts on my feed about self-acceptance of how one is exactly the way she/he should be RIGHT NOW, and less about how to achieve perfection (which, spoiler alert, DOES NOT EXIST). The women I follow, and have listed below, are healthy, beautiful, and complete inspiration. Some are very vocal advocates of body positivity, while others are confident in their skin as it is, rolls and all, which is sexy as hell and a wonder to behold.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Let’s start with the brightest, most colorful (literally), star to ever grace my Insta feed. Megan is a published author, who shines body positivity all over the place. She will remind you that you’re beautiful as you are, and that what really matters is the kind of person you are. She is also there to remind you that nothing is wrong with you, but that most of the negative self-talk comes from external and morphed sources.


Farina Opoku

Farina is one of the most stylish women I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I take fashion inspo from this babe on the daily. Her curvy figure is something she is proud of and works to no end, and that is just awesome. While all of her IG stories are in German, she captions them in English normally so you can totally follow along.

Source:  Farina Opoku IG

Jenna Kutcher

Jenna’s an entrepreneur meets guru, meets self-love advocate. She has a photography business, a podcast that spreads marketing knowledge, and an attitude to shift anyone from a dark day. She shows you her true colors, including makeup-less images, daily struggles, along with all of the good in her life. She remind the world that there are many sides to our lives - there‘s no way to be on it all day every day.

Bri Emery

Bri shares some of the most aesthetically pleasing images on my feed, hands down. Her images are colorful and bright, yet she shares her struggles with anxiety to make sure you know you’re not alone and that while the images are stunning and bright, there are dark moments mixed in there. She’s also unapologetically herself and that is as epic as it gets in my book.

Source:  Bri Emery IG

Source: Bri Emery IG

Do you have bloggers you follow that you love? Share with me!