28 #Goals On My 28th Birthday

I love birthdays. 

I love growing and evolving.

I even love the direction my life is taking. 

With that being said, I've decided to use this occasion of this 28th birthday of mine to make a list of goals that I vow to at the very least attempt with all the effort I can muster!  

Age: 28

Geographical location: San Diego, California 


Mental state: Never 100% but who wants that? Real talk, I feel better and better, more myself, every year.  

  1. Go on at least one road trip.
  2. Grow my savings account.
  3. Pay off credit cards. Don't you judge me. 
  4. Meal prep (almost) every weekend. Sometimes a girl just needs to order in.  
  5. Drink at least one bottle of wine a week. What?! they say it's good for you.
  6. Read the entire Old Testament front to back. This one is not a religious feat but a spiritual and inquisitive one. 
  7. Be kind to myself. Make that inner dialogue my friend. 
  8. Remember that everyone has a story, so not to jump to conclusions. 
  9. Moisturize every damn day. Hell, do the whole skin care regimen morning and evening. just because I'm 28 doesn't mean I can't look 18. 
  10. Cherish the friends I have around me.
  11. Stay in touch with the friends that are not.
  12. Sleep as much as I damn well please.
  13. Wear sun screen when I go in the sun. It took just one serious burn to make me put this one on the list.
  14. Look back with no regret.
  15. Strengthen my friendships and make some new ones.
  16. Eat healthy 80% of the time. Can't stop won't stop with the pizza.
  17. Speak to my family more.
  18. Take steps to self care as often as I want. It's all about the Netflix and boozy brunches.  
  19. Step out of my comfort zone whenever possible. 
  20. Write more blog posts.
  21. Make an effort to find love.
  22. Work on knowing what I'm worth and not questioning it.
  23. Cuddle with Stella every single day. 
  24. Take my career to the next level within my current position. I'm all about learning, working hard, playing harder, taking initiatives and kicking as whenever possible. 
  25. Spend less time on social media. I love me some IG and FB but damn I clock too many hours on that.
  26. Take the nonprofit I volunteer with to the next level. (Shameless plug: SoCal Youth Alliance)
  27. Meditate more. My mind tends to go on a tangent internally and I then find myself panicking for no reason. So here's to shutting off and breathing. 
  28. Embrace who I am both physically and intellectually. We are all beautiful in our own way, really. 

What would you wish for yourself?