Fave Happy Hour Spots in San Diego



Neighborhood: Little Italy

This spot offer $5 glasses of wine, $4 beers, and $5 pizzas and apps. The combination of wine and pizza is without a doubt my absolute favorite and their pizza is probably the best pizza I’ve had outside of Italy. That may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not. I used to come here every week (sometimes twice a week), and the only reason I had to tone it down was due to a pesky gluten sensitivity. Sigh, I’m sure a millennial.

The Bell Marker

Neighborhood: Downtown

I work in downtown so this spot is perfect walking distance from my office and offers delicious food and great drinks at great prices (even without a happy hour special). Their HH menu is all about the $4 house pints, $5 onion rings or parmesan fries, or their $10 beer and burger combo. I’ve been here many times with coworkers and this spot never disappoints. Their cocktails are amazing too - their prickly pear margarita is as Instagramable as it is tasty.

Craft & Commerce  

Neighborhood: Little Italy

Do you see a pattern forming? Little Italy is probably my favorite neighborhood in San Diego for all things entertaining and dining. There, I said it! Craft & Commerce is also a spot I’ve been to with coworkers, but I’ve also been here on dates and with non-work related friends. Their happy hour offers discounted drinks and apps, but it’s def worth going to even when HH is not happening. The vibe here is always energetic, their old fashioned is to die for, and everything on their menu (and I do mean EVERYTHING) is amazing.


Fireside by The Patio

Neighborhood: Liberty Station

If you’re looking for a spot with a great outdoor space, picturesque surrounding, strong WiFi, and food and drinks to boot, look no further than Fireside. I came here with a friend and our laptops. We came to work on our side hustle while sipping on some drinks. Fine! There were burgers too. Anyway, we sat outside surrounded by trees, worked on our various projects and sipped on a mojito and rosé. It was delightful and peaceful and I plan on going back every time I need a quiet spot to work (and drink).

Pali Wine Co.

Neighborhood: Little Italy

One word: Rooftop. Pali Wine Co. has their very own rotating wine on tap as well as a long list of other wines to choose from. Once you get a glass (who am I kidding? A BOTTLE) you can make your way upstairs and sit on their rooftop that has lights roped around, great air, and somehow a playlist that everyone knows every word to.