Where to Shop for the Best Athleisurewear

I came, I saw, I overspent.

I’m not quite sure when and how the athleisurewear movement started, but I’m here for any push to wear workout (read: comfortable) clothes whenever one wants and it being socially acceptable.

I remember a time when wearing leggings as pants was a huge no-no so this girl’s happy that it’s a whole new world out there. I consider activewear and athleisurewear one and the same, except that athleisurewear has more layers (I certainly won’t work out in a cropped long sleeve shirt, but I will absolutely wear it with leggings and sneakers to go to the farmers market).


I have a few rules for myself when buying athleisurewear:

  1. Comfortable - I’m talking soft, stretchy, breathable, and supportive

  2. Flattering - I want to feel cute in my training and loungewear, it makes my workouts better too

  3. Worth the cost - I’ll be the first person to spend a pretty penny on things IF THEY ARE WORTH IT, if the item’s expensive just because of the name printed on it then that’s a hard no

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you get what you pay for with this category of clothing. The brands listed below are not cheap, but they are worth their cost several times over. I’ve tested these brands through intense workouts (thank you Orange Theory!), hikes, and lots of laundry cycles.


Best for: Tops + sweaters (the extra layer I was talking about)

I warn you, it’s nearly impossible to go into this store without buying something. Their simple basics are super high quality and check all of my aforementioned boxes. I wear their cropped long sleeve tops and sweaters over my workout clothes or as loungewear, which I proceed to wear both at home and out.


Best for: Leggings

First, go to the sale section - you’d be amazed at what you can find there. Secondly, I know their leggings are expensive but they are worth it. I’ve owned Lulu leggings for the last eight years and they’ve stood the test of time and washing over and over again.

*Lulu will hem any legging you get for free

Lorna Jane

Best for: Sports bras

Lorna Jane is essentially the Lulu of Australia. What I couldn’t find at Lulu were comfortable, flattering, and supportive sports bras. I found that Lorna Jane boasts a wide variety of sports bras with different levels of support depending on your bust size. The bras also come in amazing prints and even better structure.


Best for: Shoes (and literally everything)

First, try your luck at Nordstrom Rack - they have great finds for lower prices #girlonabudget. If you didn’t find what you were looking for there (can’t have it all, woman), go to the mothership. Nordstrom’s activewear section is the holy grail of all things athleisure. They have the classic big names - Adidas, Nike, etc, but they also have the smaller boutique activewear brands like Varley, Zella, Alo, and Girlfriend Collective.

I typically go to these stores to find what I want since I like to try things on (these hips don’t lie), but if you know your size, you could easily go to their respective websites and shop your heart out - just keep your receipts in case you need to return anything. There, my Jewish momma moment is behind me.

What are some of your favorite athleisure brands/stores?