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Sigal Stark

World traveler Sigal was born and raised in Tel Aviv but also lived in New York and Florida before moving to San Diego. After getting her B.A. in Digital Communications from Tel Aviv University she decided to settle in San Diego where she aids companies in writing, editing, and project management. Her hyper-organized lifestyle allows her to multitask her personal blog (Stark Mirror) and her professional endeavors seamlessly. She now lives in downtown San Diego where she spends her down time messing up a kitchen and spoiling her dog, Stella.

Fun Fact: Sigal knows her way around both a distillery and a winery (no she does not have a drinking problem), and is your biggest cheerleader.  

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Ellen Rex

Self-proclaimed “Baja Baby”, Ellen, was born in Baja California Sur, Mexico and raised in northern California. She uses her creativity and eye for design for her projects in the branding, web design, and social media space. Often referred to as the resident “Canva Guru”, she is also the designer behind several company’s graphics and logos. In her free time she likes to create, listen, and host in her shoebox apartment in the heart of San Diego.

Fun Fact: Ellen got her first two tattoos within 3 weeks of each other and has blue & purple hair.

Work WIth us

Hey, we're Sigal and Ellen!  We're passionate about local and national small brands and businesses. We provide a comprehensive and realistic look at what your brand can and will be. We're all about efficiency, productivity, creativity, and pleasing esthetics.  Our number one priority is making you a success. 

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